After the war

Craig was in Berlin this week, so I had a go at making our last sketch less… sketchy. I couldn’t settle on one particular way to go though, so I did two versions (warning: both with singing):

After the War 1
After the War 2

I prefer the second one, though it doesn’t particularly fit with the rest of the stuff we recorded the previous week. Well, neither of them do, really…

Incidentally, these images (via, and) by Roksana Mical are gorgeous:
I’ve only had brief glimpses of plague doctors before, and I always just assumed they were the invention of an imaginative costume designer/author. Turns out they were real. Discoveries like this always make the past seem far stranger and more interesting (to me, anyway) than the version we get fed on TV documentaries/period dramas etc. I desperately wish the BBC would make something with even half the atmosphere these photos have. Sadly they seem to be completely paralysed right now, unable to do anything remotely ambitious or brave.

The pictures also remind me a bit of what I’ve seen of Pathologic, a game I’ve never played but wish I had.


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