Turbo Curry Noodlerama

(this week’s musical accompaniment: Los Campesinos! – We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed)

So we did some more to the previous song yesterday, but I should warn you – it’s very clunky and disjointed:

Bumpity Clunk

I may do a follow-up post once I’ve had a think about how to polish it up properly.

Food-wise we invented a noodley curry dish – the Turbo Curry Noodlerama:
To be honest it was more creamy and less liquid-y than I was expecting, and I think the tofu could have done with maybe being cooked longer (or maybe soaking up some more of the curry paste flavour). It wasn’t bad, but I think it could have done with a stronger flavour all round… Recipe below the ‘more’ link:


  • Block of Tofu, cubed
  • 1 Chilli, chopped
  • Some Root Ginger
  • 1/2 Orange Pepper, chopped
  • Handful Mangetout, chopped in half
  • 1.5 Packs Noodles
  • 1/2 Tin Coconut Milk
  • Some Cumin
  • Some Cayenne Pepper
  • Some Coriander Leaf
  • Some Chilli Powder(?)
  • Clove Garlic
  • 1 Shallot, chopped
  1. Make the curry paste first; stick the chilli, ginger, cumin, cayenne, chilli powder, garlic and shallot in the food processor, and whizz.
  2. Put the tofu and pepper in a wok with some oil, cook for a while, then add the curry paste.
  3. Cook a bit longer, then add half the coconut milk, cook some more…
  4. Add the mangetout, noodles, and the rest of the coconut milk, and cook until you think it’s ready.
  5. Eat!

I’m going to finish with a couple of videos. First, a fantastic production from the demoscene. The demoscene, assuming you’re not familiar with it, is a computer subculture oriented around the creation of demos; audiovisual artworks generated on computers in realtime. i.e. the following video was not created in something like After Effects – it’s entirely hand-coded. Demos are pretty much the ultimate expression of a programmer’s prowess, and tend to use all sorts of graphical wizardry and black magic to showcase the coder’s skills. This is Lifeforce, by Andromeda:

If you’ve got a relatively powerful Windows PC, you can download the demo and run it yourself, from here.

Finally, this made me laugh:


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