Craig’s Albums of 2009

No great explanation and in no particular order, all well reviewed elsewhere:

  • Low Miffs and Malcolm Ross
  • The Wild Beasts – Two Dancers
  • Annie – Don’t Stop
  • Fuck Buttons – Tarot Sport
  • Yeah Yeah Yeah’s – Its Blitz

Actually very difficult to choose this year, some tough choices in my wee head.
Two honorable mentions:

  • The Wildhearts – Chutzpah! – such remarkable consistency, such a remarkable band
  • MSP – Journal for Plague Lovers – I was bizarrely excited about this and it didn’t disappoint. Not as staggering as THB, but pretty great nonetheless.

One response to “Craig’s Albums of 2009

  • Niall

    Ha! I win on word count!I like how all we have in common is a Yeah Yeah Yeah's song. And the only one of yours I own is Journal for Plague Lovers, which I found really disappointing.Having just heard The XX, I suspect they would have been on my list had I heard them earlier.

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