A Love Letter to Coilhouse

So I’m quite fond of the blog, but I’m deeply in love with the Coilhouse magazine. It’s such a gorgeous, gorgeous thing, full of fascinating people and ideas and incredible imagery. The latest issue (already sold out) is all occult and haunted, with sigils and ghosts and hidden messages on every page. My favourite part is the Grant Morrison interview where he talks about magic, and talking to these scorpion gods who wanted him to become an assassin, to destroy people’s auras. The Famille Zaraguin, who he then wrote into The Invisibles.

Anyway, the point is that reading about all these people making incredible, unexpected things is really inspiring, which leads us on to…

…the lyrics for Swings, which are about that same thing, and were inspired by Coilhouse. These vocals are only a placeholder for now – there’s a second verse still to come, and I’ll do the whole thing again with my good mic rather than the SM58.

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