You wrote me a love letter

I know! Two posts in a week!

I just wanted to share Digital: A Love Story, a gorgeous game about a relationship developed over the internet back in 1988. Everything about it is just pitched perfectly, from the Amiga*-style GUI, to the way you interact with everyone via email and BBSes… And if you’re anything like me, it’ll leave you with a serious lump in your throat and distinctly moist eyes. The reason it works so well is because everything works towards the same goal; the story is intimately linked to the setting, which is linked to the method of interaction, which is linked to the visual style… It’s extremely rare to come across something that is so complete, without a single wrong note.

You will get stuck, and frustrated, but crucially only in ways that are specific to the setting. The game never falters or gets in the way of the depiction of its world. You’re stuck in the same way you would have been, trawling through BBSes back in 1988. I’ll give you a couple of hints though; make sure you’ve PMed and replied to everyone; and think about what people have told you.

It’s available for Windows, OSX and Linux. Go get it!

Also, Craig and I are planning on doing a video for Swings, and I’ve been taking even more of an interest in music video than usual as a result. The next post will probably be about Gorillaz’ Stylo video, but in the meantime, here’s some really clever videos via the occasionally brilliant Create Digital Motion:

Naturally, our video won’t be anything like as clever as these ones…

* – First computer I ever had. I still miss it.


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