Kim Pine with a Baseball Bat

So unlike the rest of the internet I haven’t been too excited about the Scott Pilgrim movie (mostly Michael Cera’s fault, though I also don’t think it needs to be a movie in the first place), but the trailer for the game is something else:

That’s Paul Robertson doing the visuals! He’s finally making an actual playable game! And you get to play as Kim Pine wielding a baseball bat! Sadly the fact that it’s only for XBox and Playstation means I’ll likely never get a chance to actually play it though…

Anyway, to remind ourselves why Paul Robertson is pretty much the perfect person to be making this game, some videos (the best streaming quality I could find – the compression really messes with the crisp pixel edges):

Unrelated; you also owe it to yourself to read this fantastic article at boing boing. A really gorgeous piece of writing.

Feeling a little guilty the blog’s been mostly about games recently (I’ve been struggling to keep up with new music lately, or find anything that actually excites me), here’s something I really like:


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