New blog!

So in preparation for the EP’s release, and the new band website, we’ve moved the blog to wordpress.  And changed the blog’s name, now that we actually have a band name.  WordPress seems to be a nicer piece of software than blogger, though I’m not too impressed you have to pay to be able to alter the blog’s stylesheet (hopefully not a problem when we have the blog mirrored on the band website).

Anyway, I’m going to leave this post at the top here as an introduction.  Lonesome Monsters is a Glasgow band making an electronic-y guitar-y noise.  We’re releasing an EP later this year on Giant Bear Tracks.  As well as my own ramblings, this blog documents our culinary adventures.

Here’s some work-in-progress tracks we’ve recorded to tide you over till the EP’s out:



A special Christmas track:


And a slightly scruffy video shot up by the canal:

And of course, be sure to check the posts below this – I generally update the blog once a week, though it’s not always band-related.


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