Quick News Post

I’m just testing something out in preparation for the spiffy new Lonesome Monsters website with this post.  Progress towards the EP has, as ever, been pretty slow.  The artwork’s mostly done, bar the CD and the back cover/tracklisting.  The music’s also mostly done.  Here’s a list of what’s still to do:

  • CD artwork.
  • CD back cover.
  • Choose colour of thread for the EP.
  • Finish tidying up Swings.
  • Ollie’s vocals for RGB.
  • Tidy up RGB.
  • Website (part way done; we’ll be using Google App Engine).
  • Alternate EP (alternate online-only takes on the EP’s 5 songs – to go on bandcamp?).
  • Scott Pilgrim vol. 6 post 😉

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