We saw Warpaint at Stereo on Friday. It’s got to be the best gig I’ve been to in years. Well, the support was terrible (they were from Falkirk and they sounded it), but when the headliners are that good, who cares?

Craig introduced me to them a couple weeks back with this stunning video:

Which I promptly fell in love with, naturally. Then their album was posted at Stereogum (I think it’s only going to be up for a couple of weeks). But good as they are, the gig was so much better. I’m not sure how well I can explain it (I know, I make a terrible critic), but the bass… It catches me right in the stomach, erupting out of the songs (and often carrying them, the guitars more textural than melodic/structural). It feels so different, like this is what I’ve been missing from so much guitar music for the past however-many years. The album (bought at their merch stand) captures some of it – though you need to hear it on decent speakers; don’t listen to it on a laptop, you’ll miss the bass – but it’s so much more impressive live.

I think what made the gig so good though, was that this was clearly a band on the cusp. It’s clear from the chatter on the internet that they’re about to break through. And they were feeling it. There was an excitement and joy in their performance that you see so rarely. It was the kind of gig where I’m not sure I want to see them live again, because it felt like such a unique point in their band’s life. If you have a chance to catch their current tour, do so, before the excitement fades.

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