Monthly Archives: November 2010

As promised…

…some video from my new camera:

(note the HD button)

This is the first time I’ve really tried to do any video editing, so it’s pretty clumsy and scruffy. The music’s one of the tracks from the upcoming EP (which may possibly be finally released within a couple of weeks). It was all shot by the canal and from the flagpole in Ruchill Park. I edited it in kdenlive.

I just shot some more footage along the canal this morning, with all the fresh snow, so you can expect more videos in future. Hopefully I’ll get a bit better at editing too.

New Giant Bears Release, Pictures

I just released a new CD-R on Giant Bear Tracks: Whisper in the Hollows. It’s a short fragmented ghost story, heavily inspired by Alan Garner and my own experiences in the Pentland hills and the west coast. Though the music is specific to the physical object, there’s a digital companion piece called Lights on the Ridge you can listen to here:

In other news, I managed to fall on my camera and break it, so I’ve got a new one. It’s got a slightly higher resolution sensor, but the big additions are the incredible 12x zoom (compared to my previous 4x) and the ability to shoot HD video. I’ll try and post some video soon, but until then here’s some pictures I’ve taken with it:

(taken from all the way over here)

This is fantastic

My favourite picture’s this one, from inside tory HQ:

It’s a shame most of the media have been falling over themselves to condemn the ‘violence’. Vandalism, surely? The only real violence I’ve heard of is the police doing their usual job of beating up protestors.

Hmm… apparently some idiot threw a fire extinguisher from the roof. That’s a different matter. Still, they occupied tory HQ. As protests go, it doesn’t get much more spectacular than that.

Squirrels and Flowers and Carvings

Just emptied my camera of its most recent photos. I love the light at this time of year.

(this should be an album cover, I think)

(I’ve no idea what that squirrel was doing in that pipe)

Bandcamp cover poll etc.

Above is the cover art for the bandcamp EP (which will consist of alternate versions of the 5 actual EP tracks). The only thing is I’m not sure the tree stands out enough from the background, so I thought I’d throw it open to the blog’s enormous (and lovely 😉 ) readership:


I’ve also been abusing my camera’s macro button, so have a nifty wallpaper as thanks (click through to get at the full 1680 x 1050 image):