If I did the same things 500 times would you see it in the dark?

I’m still in the grip of Throwing Muses fever, so I’m going to post some lyrics:

once there was two mexican women ran over the hill ripped off their skin and ate it up

I’m flipping back the pages of your calendar

and your books

and your childhood and your looks


I pray to science and history like cancer doesn’t grow


as it drags us by the legs across the living room


I wanna fight the clouds with your head on a stick


I picked up this lady in the store

she dropped her stuff and then tripped on it

and so I picked her up I said,

everybody falls down


her husband was in line behind her

not everybody falls down

you’re so old, I said, what happened?


if you eat her lipstick you consume her jealous rage

they get you in the mouth, those girls




Centredale to Providence

Middletown to Armageddon

a road is in my dream

Centredale is in my dream



pick your hands up

put them on your head

move it around and say

this is too much

it doesn’t fit!

your feet say nothing but move your hips


if you don’t think I’m pretty

I understand

just don’t think you won’t die by a woman’s hand

plus I might hurt you


a boy was tangled in his bike forever

a girl was missing two fingers


home is where the heart lies

the heart lies


two step behind the rest, one fingertip too long


make these people go away

their coats are on my bed


I said a nightmare

complete with barking dogs and coke machines

keep feeling like a baby chicken


I found my september in a notebook

it was too much for the book to hold

that’s how come I wear raincoats


I thought this hardness was a shell

it’s a hard, hard, hard core


I can’t lie

some bitch gets out and tells the truth


I have a fish nailed to a cross on my apartment wall

it sings to me with glassy eyes and quotes from kafka


he loves those noisy girls he wants to beat them up he loves them so much


pianos in my hearing

Vincent, my ear is falling off

who left me alone?

what do you mean you’re alone?

fucking wolves


And here’s that video of mania again. I love how funny Kristin’s lyrics can be.

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