EP Elaboration: The Accident

Continuing my elaboration of the ideas behind the songs on our EP, here’s The Accident, which is hopefully as emo a song as we’ll ever write.

The Accident is actually an evolution of the very first song we wrote together that felt like it was worth pursuing. Prior to it, we’d recorded a couple of things (including one attempted session with Ollie on keyboard), but nothing that you’d really want to show to other people. And, to my ears, nothing that really sounded like us. With The Accident (then called just thing3a*) we finally hit on something we could both live with. As a special treat, here’s one of those early versions (the actual vocals came a lot later):

As you can tell, this was from when I was having a lot of fun abusing the autotune-lite GSnap plugin. Other than the addition of vocals, not much changed between this version and the final CD one, though I did alter the chorus bassline.

The Atomsk version was born out of one of my periodic obsessions with particular pop songs, in this case Katy B’s Katy on a Mission. My plan was to rip out everything from the song barring the vocals (and a bit of Craig’s guitar) and replace them with something similar to Katy on a Mission – particularly the rhythm on that main synth. Listening back though I clearly wound up with a completely different rhythm for The Accident’s bassline, so I’m not sure why I was so convinced I’d done such a good job copying it:

This interview with Jenny Hval was what spawned the song’s lyrics, particularly the discussion of the physicality of her lyrics. I’m pretty sure I failed miserably, but I was aiming for something similarly visceral, particularly with the verses. So in honour of that, here’s Oh Anna again:

* – We recorded 13 ‘things’ before we started picking out the good ones to go on the EP.

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