EP Elaboration: RGB

And now some words about RGB. This post may be a bit shorter than the others since I didn’t have any hand in the words barring the end bit.

Of all the Atomsk versions this is the one which bears least resemblance to its You Have to Swing the Bat counterpart.

Basically, we decided we were going to have Stephen do the lyrics for it with Craig, and then have Ollie sing them. That process took quite a while though, so I ended up doing the Atomsk version before we’d even recorded any vocals.

Even that took me a long time though, as nothing I did sounded right. Everything came out clunky and ugly. In the end I turned to the wonderful PaulStretch, and applied it to some of the individual tracks, pitch-shifted others, drenched some more in various effects, and eventually came up with the kind of drifting wash of sound you can hear above. I’m quite proud of it (particularly the tumbling granulated drums), though it probably should have been a bit longer.

As far as the You Have to Swing the Bat version is concerned, my vocals came about after I decided the final section was sounding a bit sparse. The lyrics are meant as a reply to the protagonist in Stephen & Craig’s lyrics, writing a letter about his failed/failing relationship. I liked the idea of challenging what I hear as a kind of resigned ‘this was always going to happen’/’it’s no-one’s fault’ tone in those lyrics* – having someone say ‘No, it was not always going to happen. It’s your fault. You caused this. Now piss off.’ Those lyrics came out in a concentrated burst for me; writing them was fun.

Of course I’m assuming that Steven and Craig didn’t have too much of themselves invested in their lyrics. If they did I may have insulted them both terribly…

Bonus: all the other tracks’ lyrics are on their respective bandcamp pages, but since the Atomsk version of RGB has no lyrics, you can see the You Have to Swing the Bat version’s here:


so I sign this note
it’s been far too long
carved oak with ink
feels like something’s wrong
a right or a reply
is driven through again
desire’s not bled dry
uneasy to explain
wrapped in inconsistencies
and I shout till I am hoarse
slight of mind grey in substance
blunt of matter and of course…
I read your reply
it’s been the longest time
teeth clenched I try
to see through this whine
another restless night
my mind twists and turns
a thousand dreams in flight
a deep desire returns
wrapped in inconsistencies
and I shout till I am hoarse
slight of mind grey in substance
blunt of matter and of course…
I keep persisting brimful of purpose
I keep coming back…
racked with inconsistencies
and I shout till I am hoarse
slight of mind … of substance
blood and matter and of course…
are we persistent on our gradual destruction
are we desirous of our immanent demise


I burnt your letter in the sink
I don’t forgive your flaws
I’m leaving all your vacant weight
and I will not return
your stumbling is a clumsy act
your anxiety all faked
your sedation masks a hopelessness
and I am not your cure
each line is a refusal
your inability to face
the consequences of your actions
guilt across your chest
I will not be a nursemaid
to your childish fits and fears
your tantrums are all wasted
you have nothing to offer me

* – Typing the lyrics out for this post, I’m wondering if I didn’t mishear them when I characterised them that way…

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