EP Elaboration: After the War

Right, I should really try and finish this series of blog posts. Today: After the War.

As with pretty much everything I do, the lyrics for this one were mainly inspired by the book I was reading at the time: Owen Hatherley’s Militant Modernism. Particularly its opening lines:

Erase the traces. Destroy, in order to create. Build a new world on the ruins of the old. This, it is often thought, is the Modernist imperative, but what of it if the new society never emerged?

So the song’s about that impulse. The desire to build a new world on the ruins of the old. The moment when the old world is once and for all destroyed and the world is finally open, full of possibility and hope. I’ve got a lot of fondness for that modernist utopian impulse.

The other influence is Ballard’s The Drowned World; the desire to run towards the catastrophe, not away from it.

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