Monthly Archives: May 2011

Feeling guilty about not posting

Oops. It’s been rather a long time since my last post, so I thought I’d post a wee update about what we’re currently up to.

Firstly, we’ve been (fairly leisurely) putting together a proper band website. It’s going to be running on google app engine (like my own site) and will have various cool things like a recipes database, gig listings, etc. It’s mostly done, but there’s some niggly things still to tidy up (which obviously wind up taking longer than everything else…), and we’ve both been pretty lazy about finishing it off.

Secondly, the plan is to start thinking about getting some gigs once the website’s done, so we’ll be booking a practice room and hopefully looking for other people to help out. Given that everything we’ve recorded relies so heavily on non-realtime laptop editing, I’m still not sure how to get it working in a live situation without sounding like boring pub rock, but on the extremely unlikely chance you’ve been reading since the blog started, you might remember this (embarrassingly boastful) post. Shortly after that post I ran into trouble getting my usb soundcard to work with the netbook, and the software got shelved.

Since then, however, I’ve replaced my main laptop, and I figure it’ll be up to the task of some realtime audio manipulation, so I’ve restarted work on the pedalboard2 software. There’s various bits and pieces still to do, but it’s actually at the state where I could feasibly use it live. Here’s a screenshot:

To begin with, the plan is to use the File Player there to play a backing track taken from whichever song we’re playing, with my guitar going through various effects beside it in a textural role, and Craig’s guitar separately playing the more straightforward parts. Then as we add more people, the backing track can get reduced until we’re not using it at all.

Anyway, once I’ve smoothed some of the rough edges off, you’ll be able to download it from my website.

Giant Bears: Finding our Way Home

A Giant Bears video made from the footage I shot during the West Highland Way trip: