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Canal Photos

All the way to Bowling!

So yesterday I sauntered along the canal all the way to Bowling. Here’s some pictures to prove it:
The journey begins.
At night you can still hear trains thundering over the bridge that is no longer there.
For some reason there was a strong smell of the sea here. And this was only part of the journey you could smell it too. Hmm…
Pictureskew railway.
Mmm… Rivets…
My favourite parts of Glasgow are the bits that look like the Zone.
Making use of my camera’s macro button.
Pfft! Volcanic ash! They’re clearly just making it up!
Oil makes everything prettier.
Clydebank made a bit of an effort with their part of the canal, with these mirrors and the fancy railings. That boat-shaped thing on the right is a chip shop, apparently “the world’s first ‘sail-thru’ restaurant” (there’s a doorbell and a window for boats to get their fish and chips from).
Some more of sunny Clydebank.
The frankly terrifying drop lock. As you can just about make out, the bridge on the right is barely any higher than the water level of the canal. To get a boat under it, they lower the canal. I had visions of the lock breaking, the water rising, and some unfortunate sailors being crushed against the underside of the road.
It wasn’t actually this dark; I’d just altered the aperture to get the horses picture (into the sun), and forgotten to reset it.
Bulrushes! Again, not actually this dark.
The Erskine Bridge is enormous!
The Erskine Bridge is enormous!
More Bowling!
The Erskine Bridge is enormous!
Wrong camera setting.
Back to Hyndland. The walk back from the station felt like the longest part.