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Canal Photos

Deery Me

(bow before my magnificent punning wit)

Here in Glasgow the thermometer has now dropped to the point officially designated ‘Holy Crap! cold’, and the canal has now frozen so solid that it can apparently support an entire living room’s-worth of furniture (see below). More excitingly, I saw a deer! I had no idea there were deer in Glasgow, and this was no more than a mile from the centre. Here’s some video proof:

And some photos of the bitter cold:

I’m not sure I’ve mentioned minecraft here before, but this series of videos has recently rekindled my interest:

It’s worth watching at least up till episode 6 I think. That’s when things take a turn for the weird. And if you’ve not played the game, you really should. There’s nothing quite like it. Bear in mind that the free ‘creative’ version is a very different (and inferior, imo) game to the paid-for ‘survival’ version. It’s survival you want. Anyway, here’s a recent screenshot of my own magnificent castle in the sky (with an annex under construction on the right):

As promised…

…some video from my new camera:

(note the HD button)

This is the first time I’ve really tried to do any video editing, so it’s pretty clumsy and scruffy. The music’s one of the tracks from the upcoming EP (which may possibly be finally released within a couple of weeks). It was all shot by the canal and from the flagpole in Ruchill Park. I edited it in kdenlive.

I just shot some more footage along the canal this morning, with all the fresh snow, so you can expect more videos in future. Hopefully I’ll get a bit better at editing too.

All the way to Bowling!

So yesterday I sauntered along the canal all the way to Bowling. Here’s some pictures to prove it:
The journey begins.
At night you can still hear trains thundering over the bridge that is no longer there.
For some reason there was a strong smell of the sea here. And this was only part of the journey you could smell it too. Hmm…
Pictureskew railway.
Mmm… Rivets…
My favourite parts of Glasgow are the bits that look like the Zone.
Making use of my camera’s macro button.
Pfft! Volcanic ash! They’re clearly just making it up!
Oil makes everything prettier.
Clydebank made a bit of an effort with their part of the canal, with these mirrors and the fancy railings. That boat-shaped thing on the right is a chip shop, apparently “the world’s first ‘sail-thru’ restaurant” (there’s a doorbell and a window for boats to get their fish and chips from).
Some more of sunny Clydebank.
The frankly terrifying drop lock. As you can just about make out, the bridge on the right is barely any higher than the water level of the canal. To get a boat under it, they lower the canal. I had visions of the lock breaking, the water rising, and some unfortunate sailors being crushed against the underside of the road.
It wasn’t actually this dark; I’d just altered the aperture to get the horses picture (into the sun), and forgotten to reset it.
Bulrushes! Again, not actually this dark.
The Erskine Bridge is enormous!
The Erskine Bridge is enormous!
More Bowling!
The Erskine Bridge is enormous!
Wrong camera setting.
Back to Hyndland. The walk back from the station felt like the longest part.

I’ve got a lot of those heartaches

This week; pasties!
enormous pasties, with butternut squash and cheese and stuff in them. Also, spiced apple and parsnip soup. It was all very nice, though it was an awful lot of food.

Other than that, we’re still working on the EP, which means there’s not a whole lot of stuff to post about here. So, since it’s been a while since the last one, this can be a photies post:
Yup, the canal’s still frozen…

I’m going to finish with a gorgeous piece of northern soul. Turn it all the way up and do some dancing. If that doesn’t make you feel better, nothing will.

Everything that is wrong with the world can be fixed with the addition of a canal

I’m afraid we didn’t get together this week as a result of another terrible temp job (I quit in the end – first time I’ve ever done that), so here’s a big post of photies to make up for it: