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Pumped up music for slowed down times

The EP’s going slooooooowwwww…

So here’s a pile of music:

Love the excited dayglo energy here.  I’d written Ms. Dynamite off as a fairly uninteresting Lauren Hill type, but this is pretty cool.

It’s the “that’s why I want you to love me” line that’s the killer.  See here.  Led me to this:

…which is exactly my kind of thing.  There’s nothing quite like a blast of righteous fury to brighten your day.  “Yo, the BNP still exist in Great Britain.  Police brutality exists in Great Britain.  Slavery made the riches of Great Britain.  The queen wears stolen diamonds Great Britain…”

I came across the above videos courtesy of the fantastic blog ringometry.

A great match of sound and some incredible skipping.  More info here.

This is stunning (tightrope too).  I don’t think I’d be as impressed hearing the music apart from the video.  This is one of those cases where the video’s vital to really feel the music.  It’s her face, and the way that she moves.  And her clothes.  There’s definitely something special happening here.