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EP Elaboration: Suzumiya

Last one! I didn’t mean to spend so long on these. Anyway, Suzumiya…

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EP Elaboration: After the War

Right, I should really try and finish this series of blog posts. Today: After the War.

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EP Elaboration: RGB

And now some words about RGB. This post may be a bit shorter than the others since I didn’t have any hand in the words barring the end bit.

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EP Elaboration: The Accident

Continuing my elaboration of the ideas behind the songs on our EP, here’s The Accident, which is hopefully as emo a song as we’ll ever write.

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EP Elaboration: Swings

Now that the intial stuff about the format of the EP’s out of the way, we can get onto the songs. Part of the reason that Swings is the first song on the EP is that – lyrically at least – it’s the song that comes closest to what I imagined the band to be when I first suggested it to Craig.

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EP Elaboration: Packaging etc.

So I thought it would be a nice idea to elaborate a bit on the various ideas behind the EP, since I think they’re kind of interesting. And besides, the whole point of having a band blog is to talk about this stuff. With most bands you have to rely on interviews to hear all the interesting background, and then you have to rely on the interviewer asking the right questions, and the band being able to answer the right questions on the spot, without falling back to prepared responses. Lonesome Monsters are different.

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