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And also…

Forgot to mention, I want Florence to make music that sounds like this reads (see also the sad, bizarre follow-up).

Last post on Florence and the Machine, I promise.

Desperate Times Call for Step-by-Step Schematics of the Human Dive

We didn’t make any music this week – instead we started planning our first EP. We decided on four, possibly five tracks of the ones we’ve done so far. Which means it’s time to start tidying things up (and doing vocals, apparently). There’s one track which is already perfect as far as I’m concerned (you can probably tell which one if you’ve been following my posts here), but the others clearly need work.

I read Kim Dot Dammit’s blog pretty regularly anyway, but there’s something about watching her describe her artistic process when making collages in these videos that’s really inspiring, so I did one myself. Yay for inspiration!

I’m going to leave you with another 4k demo (last one, I promise). Despite being a bit sparse, the music on this one’s actually not terrible. Texas by keyboarders: