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Pedalboard2 released

Get it here (Windows-only, for now).

It does pretty much everything I need from the basic app, though I haven’t added in any of the visual output stuff I’d like it to have ultimately (i.e. visuals which are manipulated by the audio signal, and triggered at particular points along the timeline; I think I’ll probably give the pedalboard an OSC output and have the visuals running as a separate, hard-coded app, specific to a particular live show).

As far as the band is concerned, me finishing the pedalboard software has sadly coincided with Craig having to attend a bunch of conferences and stuff for work, so after all that effort, we are now on hiatus for the next few months. I’ll try to keep the blog updated at least; I’ve got an idea for a post about books and writers, and I’ve got a holiday coming up in July when I plan on doing some Giant Bears stuff, some of which I might share here.

Lonesome Monsters

This is the blog for the band Lonesome Monsters. We’ve just released a couple of linked EPs: You Have to Swing the Bat (a physical CD-R release):

…and Atomsk (a digital-only bandcamp release):

And if you’re interested, I’ve elaborated on the ideas behind the EP in a short series of posts:

Packaging etc.


The Accident


After the War


If you’d like to hear more, see this post for some wip versions of the EP tracks and some other bits and pieces.

As promised…

…some video from my new camera:

(note the HD button)

This is the first time I’ve really tried to do any video editing, so it’s pretty clumsy and scruffy. The music’s one of the tracks from the upcoming EP (which may possibly be finally released within a couple of weeks). It was all shot by the canal and from the flagpole in Ruchill Park. I edited it in kdenlive.

I just shot some more footage along the canal this morning, with all the fresh snow, so you can expect more videos in future. Hopefully I’ll get a bit better at editing too.

Quick News Post

I’m just testing something out in preparation for the spiffy new Lonesome Monsters website with this post.  Progress towards the EP has, as ever, been pretty slow.  The artwork’s mostly done, bar the CD and the back cover/tracklisting.  The music’s also mostly done.  Here’s a list of what’s still to do:

  • CD artwork.
  • CD back cover.
  • Choose colour of thread for the EP.
  • Finish tidying up Swings.
  • Ollie’s vocals for RGB.
  • Tidy up RGB.
  • Website (part way done; we’ll be using Google App Engine).
  • Alternate EP (alternate online-only takes on the EP’s 5 songs – to go on bandcamp?).
  • Scott Pilgrim vol. 6 post 😉

New blog!

So in preparation for the EP’s release, and the new band website, we’ve moved the blog to wordpress.  And changed the blog’s name, now that we actually have a band name.  WordPress seems to be a nicer piece of software than blogger, though I’m not too impressed you have to pay to be able to alter the blog’s stylesheet (hopefully not a problem when we have the blog mirrored on the band website).

Anyway, I’m going to leave this post at the top here as an introduction.  Lonesome Monsters is a Glasgow band making an electronic-y guitar-y noise.  We’re releasing an EP later this year on Giant Bear Tracks.  As well as my own ramblings, this blog documents our culinary adventures.

Here’s some work-in-progress tracks we’ve recorded to tide you over till the EP’s out:



A special Christmas track:


And a slightly scruffy video shot up by the canal:

And of course, be sure to check the posts below this – I generally update the blog once a week, though it’s not always band-related.

EP Update

It’s been a while since we’ve posted anything on our actual band-related workings, so I thought I’d post some of the initial artwork. Bear in mind the whole package will look something like my Giant Bears album.

Here’s the beginning of one of the inside pages (I distorted the text so you’ve got something to look forward to):
And here’s my first take on the front cover:
Craig seems to think it looks too much like this, which I really don’t see myself, but it may mean this isn’t the final lettering.

In other news, I did another Ludum Dare last weekend. You can see my entry here.