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I don’t believe in the power of love

Boom Bip’s blue eyed in the red room isn’t a particularly exciting album. It’s nice enough for the most part, but it’s unlikely to set anyone’s heart racing. That is, apart from the last song.

Here, Nina Nastasia’s vocals turn a mild mannered new age-y track into something hard and true. The second verse:

I listen to your breathing
it’s steady and it’s slow
we lie close to the ceiling
I think of children in our home
but the quiet in the corners
stirs me from the thought
I might leave tomorrow
to feel the joy of a new start

There’s something fierce and unflinchingly honest to her lyrics, a refusal to retreat into platitudes or comforting half-truths. It’s there in the first verse, “we do not talk of feelings, and you know I can’t pretend”, and of course the chorus, “I don’t believe in the power of love”. It’s a love song that deals with reality rather than the soap opera melodramatics of so many love songs, and that makes all the difference. If only she’d featured on every track on the album…