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A few Precursors anecdotes

Having bought Precursors on Saturday, I feel the need to share some anecdotes:

  • It took me the better part of 4 days to download the game, because Beamdog seem to be a bit rubbish. Presumably they’ll fix their download client soon?
  • I never knew my father, but apparently he was killed when a frozen mammoth fell out of a thawing glacier onto his head.
  • Upon leaving the starting town: a man ran past me panicking and disappeared into thin air; at the same time a dune buggy flew over a hill, crashed into a rock and exploded; three bandits appeared from nowhere and killed me. This was all watched by a cattle herder who just stood there as the buggy exploded and the bandits killed me and a couple of his cow-things.
  • There is a religion in the game that believes every person is just a character in a computer game, existing solely for the benefit of The Player. The stated goal of this religion is to make contact with The Player and convince them to never finish the game, so they may live forever.

I really like this game. Buggy and broken and funny and chaotic. Really enjoying myself.